Students in the Ph.D. degree program in Computer Science/Information Systems work with an academic member or academic members of the department in various research areas in Computer Science/Information Systems. The department looks for local and foreign students with strong academic record and high motivation for cutting-edge research in Computer Science/Information Systems.

Minimum Admission Requirements:

  1. A Masters of Philosophy Degree in the relevant field, or
  2. A Master’s Degree in the relevant field, or
  3. A Bachelor’s Degree of SLQF Level 6 with a GPA not less than 3.0 with or without qualifying examination as determined by the University, or
  4. A holder of Bachelor’s Degree Honors of SLQF Level 6 who has registered to follow an M.Phil. Degree may be upgraded to PhD level after a minimum period of one year provided his/her research competencies are of exceptional merit, or
  5. A Bachelor’s Degree of level 5 with a GPA not less than 3.0 and successful completion of a qualifying examination which will be conducted after completion of 30 credits equivalent to SLQF level 6 in the same or related field and register to follow an M.Phil. degree may be upgraded to PhD level after a minimum period of one year provided his/her research competencies are of exceptional merit.

SLQF Level

  • 12


  • Full-time – Minimum 3 years (Extension – up to 6 years).
  • Part-time – Minimum 5 years (Extention – up to 8 years)

Payment Plan:

  • At the registration, the due fees for the first year plus other necessary fee items need to be paid. In every subsequent year, the relevant fees for that year need to be paid when the registration is extended.
  • For further details, please contact Faculty of Graduate Studies.

How to apply:

  1. Read the staff fields of interests to make sure that the department offers Ph.D. supervision in the field you want to work in and contact the selected staff member to discuss/select your research topic.
  2. If a staff member agreed to supervise your Ph.D. degree, prepare a research proposal containing the following:
    • Tentative Title
    • Background/Justification/Introduction (100-500 words)
    • General Objective and Specific Objectives (in point form)
    • Literature Review (briefly indicating the most significant ones)
    • Methodology (materials and methods)
      • Study site/s
      • Design of experiment/survey
      • Collection of data/information
      • Statistical Analysis etc.
    • Expected outcome/results
    • Timescale bar chart (Gantt chart)
    • Certificate of ethical clearance if applicable
    • Source of funding
  3. Submit the online application along with the research proposal.

Guidelines for Postgraduate Studies: