Harini Wijesinghe (2017)

E-Swabhimani Award, Colombo, 2017.
Project: Gift of Life – Blood Donation Management System
Category: Health & Well-Being


Hashani Atapattu (2017)

Best research paper presentation award at 2nd Asia Pacific Multidisciplinary Conference, Colombo, 2017.
Paper title: Wearable Device for the Visually Impaired to Automatically Detect Sri Lankan Currency Notes


Chamal Pradeep (2014)

National Best Quality Software Award – 2014
Special Recognition Award
Tertiary (Business) Category


Chamal Pradeep (2014)

Best research paper award at International Conference on Advances in Electrical and Information Engineering, 2014.
Paper title: Wireless Sensor Node with GPS-enabled Peer Alerting
Service for Real Time Monitoring of Heart Rate Variability


Nayomi Geethanjali Ranamuka (2012)

Best research paper award at National Conference on Technology and Management, Colombo, 2012.
Paper title: Detection of Hard Exudates from Diabetic Retinopathy
Images Using Fuzzy Logic