The students of the special degree in Computer Science must undergo an internship/industrial training for their last four months of the second semester of the final year. The objectives of the course unit CSC 451 8.0 Industrial Training are as follows:


  • To provide the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in the degree program.
  • To prepare students industry-ready so that they can start working on any project in computing after the completion of the degree program.
  • To expose to real work environment experience gain knowledge in writing reports in technical works/projects.
  • To increase the sense of responsibility and good work habits.
  • To develop the technical skills directly applicable to their careers.
  • To build the strength, teamwork and self-confidence.
  • To enhance the creative skills and sharing ideas.
  • To develop the communication skills to work with a group of workers and to learn the proper behaviour in a working environment.
  • To develop the good moral values such as responsibility, commitment and trustworthiness.

Invitation to the industry:

The department invites the industry to recruit our CS special students as their interns. The curriculum of the degree program is available at If your company wishes to recruit our interns, please contact the coordinator of internship program:

prsdsDr. P. Ravindra S. De Silva (Senior Lecturer in Computer Science)
Email: ravi(at)
Tel: +94 11 275 8918, +94 77 746 4000